संजू बाबा ने की गुंडों की जम के धुलाई | Teja | Action Movie In Part 04

Lal Singh (Ranjeet), Heeralal (Puneet Issar) and Zoravar (Amrish Puri) assassinate Tejaa's parents in his childhood after suspecting them of robbing their loot. Tejaa grows up with the determination of avenging the murder of his parents. With help from his lover Sonu (Kimi Katkar), Tejaa goes on a lone mission to track down and eliminate his parents' killers one by one. After settling scores with Lal Singh and Heeralal, Tejaa sets his eyes on Zoravar. However, will Tejaa be able to pin down the mighty Zoravar?

YOR - 1990
Star Cast - Sanjay Dutt, Kimi Katkar
Director - Ramnesh Puri
Producer - Mahendra Bohra
Music Director - Annu Malik
Story - Mahendra Bohra
Screenplay - Mahendra Bohra
Dialogues - Bhooshan Banmali
Editor - Subodh Shukla

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