Monsters to win the Mega Millions?! | Monsters in the Morning

In this show:

Alabama won the Nation Championship, again...
We are doing a photoshoot, again.
Mega Millions Lotto is above 600 million!
Trivia: Presidents who didn't attend inaugurations.
Dolly Parton is releasing a song in 25 years.
A man cheated on an inanimate object with an inanimate object.
Detective Barb Zooms in and discusses the passing of her father and Crimeline.
Florida Dumb Dumb Map: Manatees and Florida man gets lit.
To the Top: There is a pickle shortage and the Tiger Woods documentary.
Crocs are making a big comeback
The KoD is getting strange packages.
Pets are getting depressed when people go back to work.
Dry January.
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