Study with me live pomodoro 12 hours

Study with me live following pomodoro-method, 50 min session following 10 min breaks!

We study together and do our work together. Join in and connect to those in the same boat as you. Schedule, links and faqs below!

Working on my thesis which is a comparative study regarding the principle of protection of legitimate expectations (a principle of good administration in the EU) between Sweden and the EU (Sweden’s approach to the principle versus the EU)

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Social media: No social media, just discord

Only English please in order for everyone to feel included!
No all caps messages, spamming, advertising or harassment of any kind.
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Other FAQ
Name - Adelina
Living in-Sweden
Ethnicity- Albanian
Field of study-Law
What else I study -The French language, the art of writing, etiquette and for my driver’s license
Hobbies-Being in nature, classical English literature and books in general, dance and being active, and movies plus music
What languages do I speak-Swedish, English, Albanian och working on my French
When do I go to sleep? - 9-10pm
When do I wake up? - 5-6 am
What I listen to while I study- Lo-fi usually

Favorite drink- Coffee
Favorite food- Coffee
Favorite dessert- Coffee

Where do I wan't to travel? -To the worlds most famous botanical gardens in order

Books with a big impact on my life- The Papalagi by Erich Scheurmann,
The ladies book of etiquette and manual of politeness by Florence Hartley,
The Art of Living Inwardly: Existentialism for the Modern Human Being by Tedd Harris and Ann Lagerström ,
The body keeps the score by Dr. van der Kolk,
Rage Becomes Her: The Power of Women's Anger by Soraya Chemaly,
everything and all Robert Greene.
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