WEDNESDAY! LIVE! | The Monsters in the Morning!

In this show:

Classic cars we would buy at the Mecum Auction.
Russ has goals for 2021 after all.
Capitol talk.
Trivia: What was the most streamed movie of 2020?
Best streaming movies of 2020.
Monster Sports: David Hasselhoff is auction a giant statue of himself and a K.I.T. car.
BEST OF: Russ realized photography is hard and sad eats in his car.
Attorney Steve Kramer zooms in and talks about the rarest thing he owns and the Constitution.
Angel wants a "barndiminium" and to grow... crops...
D Strong joins the show.
The Lizzy Borden house is for sale.
Ryan has figured out how he wants to have his funeral at Gatorland.
Rolling Stone has Miley Cyrus on the cover uncovered.
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