Diana Jungle S11 11.11 Challenger Replay (11/1/6) - NA

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00:00 Champion Info and Introduction
08:05 Assisted Kill
08:35 Regular Gameplay
10:34 Skirmish
11:26 Regular Gameplay
13:20 Assisted Kill
13:50 Regular Gameplay
22:24 Assisted Kill
22:54 Regular Gameplay
24:56 Skirmish
25:34 Regular Gameplay
26:51 Assisted Kill
27:21 Regular Gameplay
29:23 Skirmish
30:07 Regular Gameplay
33:18 Skirmish
34:20 Regular Gameplay
36:17 Skirmish
36:58 Regular Gameplay

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Player: https://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=lao%20nian%20da%20ye

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